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YOU, keeping your brain active while fundraising

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A few weeks ago, Tammy wrote to you about the “Longest Day” Bridge game that the Bridge Studio held in Halifax. Today, let’s talk about a game that was held at the other end of our province, at Bridge Acadien in Yarmouth.

Yves Chartrand from Bridge Acadien, knows that playing bridge is a great way to keep your mind active (in fact it’s not just playing Bridge that helps, it’s also the social aspect of the game. Read more about better brain health here).  Its one of the reasons he signed his club up to be part of the “Longest Day Fundraiser.”

“I applied early to take part in The Longest Day for 2014 since it was going to be on the day that we run our normal games (Saturday) and I believe it is a great charity to pair up with the game of Bridge.  I have read that keeping your brain active may help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and playing Bridge should definitely qualify as an activity that makes your brain work!”

The “Longest Day” fundraiser takes place on the longest day of the year, June 21. Fundraisers around North America host special events, or challenge themselves/group to do something for up to 12 hours. It could mean that everyone in your office walks a treadmill, one hour at a time, for 12 hours, raising funds to do so to support those living with dementia.

At Bridge Acadien, here is how they spent their day:

“We had a great day with 5 games from 10 am until 10 pm.  We did have a supper break, which was very much appreciated.  I may change the format next year.  it is a lot of work to run all those games without any help.  The highlight was the participation by local players and the amount of food that was brought in by all.  It helped us provide great hospitality and I believe that everybody enjoyed themselves.”

We thank Yves and Bridge Acadien for supporting those in our province, for whom many days, seem like the longest, as they live with dementia.

Do YOU think that your office, organization, club is up to the challenge of spending the Longest Day next  year raising funds for Nova Scotians living with dementia? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, maybe YOU are interested in Bridge. Yves wants YOU to know:

“Bridge is a great game. YOU learn communication skills, teamwork, problem solving skills, how to win and lose gracefully and all kinds of math skills.”

YOU, the Gala attending fundraiser

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Ever have a moment when something is over and you can’t believe it ever took place, even though you are driving away from it? Ever attended an event and yet during the car ride home, you can’t even find the words to talk about it? Now picture all this and then add the extra knowledge that it was a fundraiser held for YOU.

This happens every year at an annual event held in our honour. You leave it speechless; in awe of the philanthropic spirit of supporters who want to better the lives of others.

On Friday night, I attended an event called Evening to Remember, a third party like gala, held in support of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. In fact it was the seventh Evening to Remember held.

There are many reasons that this “Gala” is different from most fundraising galas. We have been very fortunate to have hosts of each event, which makes each year very unique. From grand floral arrangements to stunning ocean views, a 100 year old barn venue and surprise musical guests, Evening to Remember is an event that the Society could not hold if it were not for the prominent Nova Scotians who support us.

This year was no different. Our host, Rob Steele, invited people to his property in Halifax for a “whimsical and epic night, full of surprises.” In fact, we the fundraising staff didn’t even know what was in store for guests that night. Guests were given a clue based on this quote in the invitation:

     “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” Lewis Carroll, Alice  in Wonderland.

From actors dressed like the characters, to tables set with alarm clocks all set to go off at different times during the night; a tasty meal of treats from the land and sea and musical performances from surprise artists Tom Cochrane, Mary Walsh and the Court Yard Hounds the event was phenomenal.

Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh

Court Yard Hounds

Court Yard Hounds

In the crowd were three previous hosts of Evening to Remember whose continued support we truly appreciate.There are several reasons that this event is one of our extremely popular third party activities:

  1. The host – as they open the doors to their homes, they bring a unique flavour each year, which changes the event each year.
  2. The event committee – a group of volunteers who come together to make all the calls to past attendees and potential attendees. This group is responsible for most of the ticket sales each year.
  3. The details – from our beautifully designed “Save the Dates” and invitations, to the wonderful caterers, to the option for guests to take private pre-arranged transportation. With an event like this, no stone in unturned.

As we try to reflect back on an awesome fundraiser this past Friday, we can’t thank enough our host Rob Steele. We also want to thank so many who support us each year: The team at Revolve who helps with our branding of the event, Jim Spatz and Bishop’s Cellar who ensures fine wines are served, Ambassatours who makes sure people are brought to the event in style, our volunteer ticket selling committee and of course, the guests.

Together you made the evening that is much more to remember; you have ensured that we will be able to reach even more families in our province, who are living the dementia journey and need support.

YOU, the Family & Business, Fundraiser

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The winning team's prize trophy!

The winning team’s prize trophy!

Coordinating an event isn’t the easiest thing to do. YOU have to organize people, scout locations, send invitations and a whole bunch of other pre-event tasks. During the event YOU play host/ess while still being on top of every little detail.

But if YOU are lucky, all of that work results in an event with an air of excitement; with a crowd full of smiles and an opportunity to connect with new and existing clients, donors, and friends, in an atmosphere of fun.

This, happened yesterday when Wilsons, held their fourth annual Golf Classic.



The Wilson family has been one of Nova Scotia’s leading business and philanthropic families since the 19th century. Recently the Wilson-Merriam Family Foundation made a gift to increase the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s capacity in the place of their roots, Cumberland-Colchester. The family business Wilsons, also made the Society the recipient of their annual golf tournament.

Yesterday, under the guidance of both family members and staff, they held a wonderful fundraiser to support the families in our province who need access to community supports.

With the weather playing along, over 140 golfers took to the links to play 18 holes. On the course they treated to snacks and on hole three, a brain quiz! Everyone finished the day with another summer tradition, a BBQ supper.

The crowd learned about dementia from Executive Director Lloyd Brown & Board President, Chris Wilson

The crowd learned about dementia from Executive Director Lloyd Brown & Board President, Chris Wilson

Thank YOU to Rose, Ian, Chris and the Wilson Family for their commitment to supporting people with dementia and their families. Thank YOU to the Wilson’s Staff who organized and made sure everyone had a great day yesterday!

YOU, making a difference, by the calendar

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There are days in a fundraising department, that seem like they are the longest of the year; the day YOU write budgets; the day before your event; the day YOU come under budget and the day YOU have a distraught donor.

Technically, in 2013, there is one longest day and it is this Friday, June 21.

Have anything special planned? Why not approach this special day in the calendar with your third party supporters?

Three organizations that are doing just that this year, is the Canadian physical education NGO, Participation. As their goal is to get Canadians moving, they are calling for Friday to be your “Longest Day of Play.” The organization is engaging parents by asking them to remember when they “played until the street lights came on.” Their website offers you ideas on how to play and engages the audience by asking them to log their play time and to share what they did to win a prize.

Another organization, the Alzheimer’s Association in the States has communicated the longest day of the year as a day to commemorate those living with Alzheimer’s disease and to raise money for the organization. They tie the disease into the fundraiser succinctly: For people facing Alzheimer’s disease, this challenge is every day. For you, it’s just one.

The Association asks third party fundraisers to host activities that encourage team participation, from sun up to sun down. The teams raise pledges and the variety of activities they can do are endless. As a business participating not only does this engage your employees in philanthropy, but also in team building.

From hiking, to bowling, knitting to rocking, there are many activities that you as a team can do for 12 hours.

One such thing if you are in Halifax, not only raises funds, but also challenges you brain! This Friday, The Bridge Studio at the Mumford Road Professional Centre will be hosting a Longest Day event for the Alzheimer Society. From 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, every hour and a half a new game of bridge will start. You can join them for $5 a game! To learn more call 446-3910.

What do all these examples have in common? Simple. Easy. Engaging.

How many days on a calendar will YOU overlook this year?

*Fundraising Tip of the week: there are many downloadable calendars online with all the holidays on them. Get a jump start today on next years special days!