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YOU, finding growth in a new environment

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Two years and half a semester of school later, and here I am, at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS) starting my first co-op term. As a first time “intern” and student in the field of public relations, it appears a little intimidating entering a field wholly immersed in the world of fundraising. Personally, I find the prospects of event planning and raising money vastly intimidating in comparison to any other field of PR.

Why? Because this involves CREATIVITY and grave pressure to reach budgeted goals.

From my very short time I’ve spent here at ASNS, I can already tell that the amount of work that goes into raising money for a cause is abundant. Jobs in general are demanding, however, organizations like ASNS rely solely on the support of individuals and the community as a whole. To raise the funds needed, the team needs to get creative and continuously come up with new ways to connect with donors.

As a co-op student, I bring with me a set of skills fresh from the classroom, yet there is so much to be learned from a hands-on environment. Despite the various mock press releases written, marketing plans made, or crisis communication plans dissected, nothing will ever compare to the set of skills acquired from a real on the job experience.

Being the temporary ‘newbie’, there are many things I hope to take from this experience:

1) Event planning – The organization and discipline it takes to plan an event, such as the Alzheimer Duck Derby
2) Design – How to create content tailored to attract a particular audience
3) Writing – Creating content to keep varied audiences involved

And last, but not least:

4) Collaboration – How to work collaboratively with others in order to reach a common goal

I’m fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to immerse myself into the minute details of numerous tasks. This not only allows me to put my skills to use but to find growth in my abilities and learn. When finding yourself in a new setting, the most important thing YOU can do, is be willing to learn. Ask questions but most importantly, listen.

It’s a new environment, occupied by individuals experienced in their field and if I only take one thing away, I’m sure it will be of value.