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YOU, Being inspired by those who give back

In Volunteers on October 14, 2014 at 3:28 pm

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Over the past couple weeks, I had the opportunity to attend two different events that I found truly inspiring.

The first event was the Dalhousie Volunteer Fair. This is an annual event for students to learn more about the different volunteer opportunities available to them. I went to the fair as a representative of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, with the goal of recruiting volunteers to help out in a few different areas. I was blown away by how many students took time out of their schedule to attend the fair, and who were interested in becoming a volunteer with at least one of the many organizations who were represented there – many signed up on the spot! With everything else these students have going on, they still really want to give back.

The second event I attended was Timeraiser. This event has a really interesting concept. Artists donate pieces of art, and participants can bid on the artwork with volunteer hours. The winning bidder has a year to complete their volunteer hours. Once they have completed their volunteer commitment, then they can collect their artwork. I went to Timeraiser as a participant, and had the opportunity to see all the great artwork, and check out the organizations who were represented there. Once again, the amount of people in attendance who were willing to donate their valuable time to many different worthy causes was truly inspiring. From marketing to writing and graphic design – there was no shortage of talent being offered to the organizations there.

As someone who works with volunteers on a regular basis, it was thrilling to see just how many people are out there who are willing to donate their time to organizations like ours. It was a group of volunteers who started the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, and it is volunteers who continue to help Nova Scotians living with dementia. From our office volunteers, to support group facilitators, to our board and committee members, we couldn’t do what we do without a dedicated group of volunteers.

So to those of you who so generously donate your time, THANK YOU! You are truly making a difference in your community.

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