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YOU, Recognizing the “Special” in Special Events

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Race Day Thank You Photo with text

I’m writing today’s blog post with mixed emotions. I’m breathing a little easier this week as my big event, the Alzheimer Duck Derby is over. Yes, I’m a little relieved but it’s also bittersweet. There is so much build up to the day of the event and then all of a sudden the months of planning, organizing, and promoting is done.

I’m happy to say we had a great day on the Halifax waterfront with sunny skies and 24 degree weather. Thank YOU, Mother Nature!

I have been coordinating the Duck Derby for six years, and I learn something new every year. If you’re an event planner, YOU know having a successful fundraising event takes time, hard work and a great team. Anyone can put on a special event but not everyone can make it special.

It’s easy to measure your success by the financial goals that YOU or your board set. It’s so important that YOU reach these goals, especially in not for profits. However, there are important parts of events that can’t be measured in numbers.

I’d like to challenge YOU, when you’re evaluating your next event to look for other ways to measure success. What was the overall feeling of the event? Did YOU create an atmosphere for attendees and donors that will make them want to come back next year?

At the Alzheimer Duck Derby we did!

I talked to one person after the duck race and she said the best part of the event was the good feeling she had when she stood on the boardwalk with hundreds of others watching the ducks make their way down the Harbour. She said as she looked around, she felt a real sense of community and happy to be making a difference for families living with dementia. If YOU are successful in making people feel good, YOU know you’re doing something right.

The Alzheimer Duck Derby sponsors each had their own role to play the day of the event.  Be sure to keep them engaged and if they’re talking about plans for next year, give yourself a pat on the back because YOU know they’re happy about coming back. Keep maintaining those meaningful relationships with your sponsors because they’re so important!

Keep and eye and ear out for new opportunities. A local company was so impressed by what they saw at our Duck Derby that they asked if they could become a sponsor next year! That’s awesome! A word of advice, YOU never know who is watching, so always be looking for these opportunities.

Our rubber racer ducks are packed and we’re wrapping up the Duck Derby for another year, but we still have a lot of people to thank. So, a BIG thank YOU to our sponsors, community partners, sales teams, volunteers, spouses and partners, families, Alzheimer Society staff and everyone who adopted a duck for the Alzheimer Duck Derby and helped us create something special. Together we raised funds for Nova Scotians living with dementia in our communities!

I’m going to be stepping away from the blog for a few months as I change my role at the Society, but don’t worry, I’ll be back! I’m moving, and thankfully I have the opportunity to continue my Fund Development work from my hometown in Antigonish County.  I’m also excited to be on the ground promoting the programs and services we offer and helping others learn more about dementia and the ways that the Society can help.


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