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YOU, and the longest day of the year

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intheloopSPRINGCANADAPOST_final-5New friends are always made across the bridge table!
– Kathie Macnab, The Bridge Studio in Halifax

The longest day of the year is coming up! Yes, June 21 is the first day of summer, also known as the summer solstice.

What will YOU be doing on the longest day of the year? YOU may basking in the sun, but hopefully you’ll be raising awareness and funds for families living with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Longest Day is a major fundraiser organized by the Alzheimer’s Association. From sunrise to sunset, thousands of teams sign up to do an activity they love while raising money for persons living with dementia.

How can YOU get involved? This year, bridge clubs across Nova Scotia are participating in The Longest Day. Each club will hold games throughout the day, bringing the bridge community together to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

This idea was inspired by the American Contract Bridge League who continue to sponsor The Longest Day in the United States because playing games like bridge is good for the brain.

I’m not an expert on bridge, but I know someone who is! Kathie Macnab is a major supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia and teaches classes at the  Bridge Studio in Halifax. Kathie is leading The Longest Day fundraiser at her club on June 21.

“Bridge is a game of logic and there are guidelines to remember, but each hand is a puzzle,” says Kathie.  “Any player can solve the puzzle, but the depth in which you look at the hands will vary from your expertise. Playing bridge simply keeps your mind sharp.”

Along with keeping your mind sharp, bridge players can also enjoy the social aspect of the game, which is another important way to maintain your brain health. So, if YOU are looking for a way to support families living with dementia in your community and challenge your brain, sign up to play bridge at one of these local clubs.

The Bridge Studio in Halifax. Call Kathie at 902 446-3910 for more information.

Truro Duplicate Bridge World. Call Bob at 902 639-1364 for more information.

Halifax Bridge World. Call Linda at 902 454-4098 for more information

Bridge Acadien in Tusket. Call Yves at 902 742-3306

Funds raised in Nova Scotia, stay in Nova Scotia to fund local services, education for families and research.

Thank YOU to all of the local bridge clubs for your dedication and support. YOU are helping those living the dementia journey.

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