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YOU, days after your big event

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Photo: The Sydney Walk for Memories Planning Committee pose at the photo booth.

I want to start today’s blog post off with a big thank YOU!

This past Sunday, May 4 was our Walk for Memories event in Halifax and Sydney. Families, persons with dementia, partners in care, and community partners came together to raise awareness and funds for families living dementia.

There are so many people to thank! Thank YOU to our walk participants and donors who helped spread the word and raise funds the past few months. Thank you to our sponsors, Shannex and WestJet.  Thank YOU to the volunteer planning committees and  the many volunteers who helped make the event a success!

Your can check out some of our awesome Walk pictures here.

There are so many elements that go into organizing an event. As an event planner, YOU should know the more YOU get done in advance, the easier it will be on event day. We learn something new every year, and here are some of the things the Department of Philanthropy did to ensure the Walk for Memories was a great experience for all. YOU can use these too at your next big event!

Volunteer Engagement: Could YOU hold a well-organized event without your volunteers? Volunteers help with set up, taking pictures and everything in between. To ensure your volunteers feel appreciated and well-informed to do their job, YOU can offer an orientation session a couple of days before the event. There, YOU can go over the itinerary of the day, let them know what their roles and responsibilities are, and teach them more about your organization by providing an education session for them. This is an excellent way to limit the amount of questions asked the day of and helps them feel engaged.

Post to social media at your event: Do YOU have a hash tag for your event? How do YOU communicate to your followers throughout the day? Why not get a volunteer who knows their way around social media to post during the event. This is a big job but it’s an important one.  Your volunteer should know what to post about including: pictures of set up, activities happening at the event, and important announcements to build excitement throughout the day.

Maximize Opportunities: Finally, everyone is together in one place! Don’t miss your chance to have conversations with your supporters and thank them again and again for their support. Try to delegate the smaller tasks to volunteers and other staff, so YOU have lots of time to connect with your sponsors and event participants.  This is also a great time to get feedback from your participants! Depending on the event, YOU could have copies of evaluations on site, or YOU can send one out electronically, or do both! This will help YOU plan for next year.

YOU know how important the post event wrap up is.  We have written about it before on our blog,  but I want to include it again here.

How do YOU keep organized the day of your event? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Once again, thank YOU to everyone who helped make the 2014 Walk for Memories a success!


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