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YOU, the name – and game – changer

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Recently the Fund Development department at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS) became a thing of the past.

Events, campaigns, fundraising. Still what we will be doing.

But we have been dedicated to helping the organization become more stakeholder (donor, volunteer, client) centric, through a change in the organizational culture.

Yes, we have been fostering a Culture of Philanthropy.

Much has been written about non-profits looking inwards at their organization, to check if they do live in this culture day to day. A good resource to help YOU was written by past chair of the Association of Fundraising International, Andrea McManus.

A few years ago the (now old) Fund Development department here at ASNS started investigating how we were doing in the area of Philanthropy. Of course we were helping those who needed our help – that is why we are here! But we did not have a recognition program, or an internal fundraising drive. Everything we sent out was from the organization (Corporate language) not from the families that were affected by both dementia, but also the programs our donors helped us create and offer.

Just like Rome, building a Culture of Philanthropy does not (and has not) been built in a day. We continue to strive to learn more about being stakeholder centric and teaching others internally what it means.

As fundraisers we love that a big part of our job is friendraising at the Society. We don’t just ask for money, we are the conduit; donors place their trust in us to steward their money to those that need it. People with dementia and their families trust in us to make sure that programs, services, education and information that they need are available.

YOU cannot do that on Fund Development alone.

When the Fund Development Department dissolved, a new department was born: Department of Philanthropy. In this department are Fund Development Coordinators, Community Outreach & Education Coordinators and the Communications Manager.

But what’s in a name title? This department is made up of Appreciation givers, listeners, talkers, visitors, coffee bringers, story tellers and much more.

Department name change, check. Next, we continue the game change of the organizational culture.

  1. Great thing to do! Sends a signal internally and externally…

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