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YOU, and the End

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This is the End
Thank you to our co-op student, Brennan Laite, who spent the past three months working with the Fund Development department at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. Brennan reflects on his time at the Society
and what he learned in his latest blog post.

January 6th now seems like a distant memory but it was only a little over three months ago that I walked through the doors of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia (ASNS). I did not know what to expect from a place that has made it their mission to help those that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. But the people of the ASNS have made my time here informative, fun and exciting. Aside from the few boring tasks that any intern has to complete, my thirteen weeks of working in the department Fund Development (a.k.a. Team FD) has been a great experience. It’s been swell to write to all of YOU. I have enjoyed writing these four blog posts (counting this one), and I hope that YOU can take something away from these posts as well. Although, it may be more important that I have learned something by writing these posts (selfish of me I know), but if YOU, the reader, can take something away from these posts, well then that’s just the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake. Did I mentioned I’ve inhaled a few slices of cake during my time here? In honour of cake, go grab a slice! But first why don’t YOU let me share a few things that I have learned during my time at the ASNS:

Blogs and writing:

I have had the pleasure to write four blog posts during my time at the ASNS. These four blog posts bring my blog lifetime total to… four. That’s right, I never blogged before YOU the Fundraiser. Blogging is a different form of writing. Blogs give you the freedom to express exactly what YOU are thinking. I really like this aspect of blogging. The main thing I have learned about blogs is how easy it is to get off topic; let’s call it a ramble- write. In my day-to-day life, I find myself rambling on about a topic that at times, no one really cares about. My rambling ways sometimes translate over into my writing, which can sometimes be a bad thing. This is a lesson that I will focus on in my future writing pieces.

I have also realized how much I enjoy writing. It’s amazing how much your interests and pastimes can change when you begin to educate yourself. Personally, I never disliked writing, but wasn’t much into “book learning” in my foolish high school days of having sports consume my life.

Event planning:

I have had the opportunity to be involved in planning numerous events. Two important lessons that I will take away from these experiences are: Realizing how important even the smallest of details are (It’s all about the details), and the promotion of the event (The Marketer Inside). Without planning out every last detail of the event and without having a backup plan your event could flop quicker than the Friend’s spin-off Joey (I know that was an odd and outdated reference but I saw the chance to make a ridiculous comment and just could not resist).


I have also learned the importance of organization when planning an event. If YOU are not organized it’s hard to be an effective fundraiser. YOU will forget to follow up with potential donors, which can cause you to lose that donation completely. YOU must be constantly following up with businesses that have agreed to donate, because unlike YOU, donating is not their number one priority.

Saying Thank YOU:

YOU cannot measure the importance of thank YOU in fundraising. When people donate a prize, funds or their time, an old fashioned ‘thank YOU’ can go a long away in getting that person’s lifetime guarantee of donations, or spreading the word about your organization to other potential donors.

And so, I will take a page out of that book (if there is a book), and say thank YOU for reading one, two, three or four of my blog posts! I’ll end with a quote from HBO’s (Do YOU think they’re hiring?) Six Feet Under: “Everything, everywhere, everyone ends.”

Till another blog, at another time, it’s been swell.

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  1. Is the blog ending or is someone leaving the job? It isn’t clear who wrote this or why…

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