Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

You, and the songs you sing

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The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is lucky to have an incredible support system in this province. Today, musician, Blou released his album, 20 temps. $1 of every album sold will be donated to the Society.

Patrice Boulianne “Blou” is an Acadian singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia. His mother, Yvonne, lived with Alzheimer’s disease. His connection to the disease and his ambition to want to help others is extremely profound. He is determined to make a difference.

For Blou’s family, especially his mother, denial was one of the biggest hurdles they had to overcome. The desire to be perceived as a “normal” family made it hard to accept the diagnosis. After struggling for acceptance, Blou and his family found comfort at the Alzheimer Society and have remained involved even after his mother’s passing.

Blou explains the help he received from the Alzheimer Society during his mother’s illness, “The ASNS has helped me in many ways by providing the necessary resources and support groups to face all the effects and emotions that I experienced while seeing a loved one slowly fade away and pass away from this disease. I’ve learned to ask a lot of questions and to have patience and understanding. That it is normal to be scared, sad and angry. I’ve learned that the best thing I could do was to continue helping the best way I could and make sure that my mother was as comfortable as possible.”

Blou remains emphatic that this is not something YOU can do alone. When YOU seek help, YOU will feel empowered.

To learn more about Blou’s career in music and to purchase his new album in support of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia please visit his website.

To hear Blou tell his story, visit the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s website.



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