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YOU, the legacy giving fundraiser

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Recently, I made a commitment. A commitment that I never thought possible. A commitment
that makes me happier than I thought it would. A commitment I would never in a
hundred years thought I would ever be able to make.

I made a commitment of a $100,000 donation.

Now of course, I didn’t write a cheque for the amount. Nor did I make a lump
sum payment plan. I made the commitment through a life insurance policy.

And yes, at first it was hard to sit down with the insurance advisor to discuss
my – well let’s face it, there is no way to sugar coat it – death. My donations
to these charities will only happen once that

I could say, “oh it’s all a part of getting older,” but really, truly, I was
kind of excited at the thought of leaving these legacy gifts; I am not sure
that in the future I’d be able to do half as much, as this commitment can do,
as one never knows what their final estate may look like. And philanthropy has
always been important to me; from realizing that it was volunteers who made my
time in Girl Guides so enjoyable, to organizing food bank drives in University,
to now having a career working in the non-profit world. I have always given
here and there when I could, a legacy gift from an insurance policy made
absolute sense – and has brought joy – to me.

YOU see, I want to give back to two organizations that have helped me become the woman I am today.

Each month I make a payment for the policy. At the end of the year, the two
charities who are named in the policy will send me a tax receipt.

Easy. Smooth. Smile inducing, heart warming, can’t-believe-I-can-do-this.

So how can YOU join me in leaving a legacy gift? Start by speaking to a
consultant at a financial organization (Your bank, or other investment
institutions like Manulife, Investors Group, or a locally owned investment business).
Most are free to talk to as they are paid by the insurance and investment
companies they work with. But always call and ask first. I started by
speaking to a financial advisor about some other things (the little savings I
had, my retirement 30+ years away and how to be ready). That discussion grew
into health insurance and life insurance. From working in a non-profit I knew
that a life insurance policy would be the perfect vehicle in which I could
leave a legacy gift.

Now all the charities that have been named on the policy, when I pass (knock on wood, a while, while away) will
receive a cheque to help others, the same way that they have helped me.

And knowing I am making that possible, is worth more than any financial gift I
could give.


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