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YOU, and the Art of Organization

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As Event Planners we all know the importance of staying organized.  But I know that no matter how hard we try, things still manage to pile up sometimes.  We come up with systems for our paperwork, folders for our emails, we buy desk organizers to keep our stacks of paper separated and easy to find, we live and die by the post-it note.  So why do our desks still end up looking like a disheveled mess?  Here are some concrete organizational techniques that will help YOU find your center, in the midst of the chaos.

  1. This is the most golden rule of organization: stay committed to your organizational methods.  It is one thing to buy the filing cabinets and shelves for storage, but if YOU let the papers pile up in the corner before YOU file them, YOU have defeated the purpose.  I know, easier said than done.
  2. Remove all the clutter.  Do YOU need all those pens?  Get your pictures on the wall.  Keep the items YOU use most within reach and everything else should be relocated.  Reduce the amount of objects on your desk because less clutter for the eye helps YOU maintain calm.
  3. Adopt a colour coding technique.  Use different colours for each project/event/campaign.  Or use colour to prioritize tasks.  This is an excellent and easy way to find what you are looking for more efficiently.
  4. Keep your papers well labeled and secure.  If you use file folders or stackable trays, make sure they are labeled very specifically. Avoid vague labels that could attract a variety of different paper work to all land in one big pile.  It might mean YOU keep more trays or folders around, but at least YOU will find things when YOU need them.  But beyond that, don’t just throw multipage documents in your folders without securing them together.  Forget the paper clips, use staples to ensure the pages are secure and cannot be separated.
  5. And one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to purge all the old/unnecessary stuff out of your office completely.  This is something YOU should do regularly.  Create an archive shelf and move all the old, yet still usable files out of your workspace.  As YOU put a file away, scan it briefly and toss anything irrelevant or outdated.  Get into the habit of doing this so that YOU are not saddled with a huge job once or twice a year. On the Organize Anything website I have read that, “a staggering 80 percent of papers in your filing cabinet will never be touched again. At least 60 percent of the papers on your desk have little or no value and can be discarded; they have just piled up because you lack a system.”
  6. Once an event or campaign is over for the year, organize and inventory everything BEFORE YOU put it back in storage.  This will help YOU find things when YOU need them and keep accurate records of inventory. Also, it will save YOU a lot of work when the event starts up again the next year.

Use my proven methods and commit to the system that works best for YOU.  I promise YOU will notice an improvement in your focus and productivity.

Please share your innovative tips on how to keep your office neat during chaotic times at work.

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