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YOU, Making a Goal to Learn More about Fund Development

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2014 at 11:08 am

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How do YOU keep up with current trends in Fund Development?

Maybe YOU follow this blog because YOU find that we post useful information that helps YOU in your career ( I hope YOU do).

The fact is there are so many things that YOU can and should be doing to learn more about Fund Development best practices. Whether you’re just starting your career, or YOU have years of experience under your belt, it’s important that YOU continue to grow professionally.

Today, I want to share with YOU some great resources my team finds very useful when it comes to learning more about Fund Development.

Twitter.  It’s not only the place for current news, it can be a place to connect with fundraisers around Canada and the world. If YOU need advice, do YOU ask your tweeps for input? YOU should! Maybe there’s a new campaign that’s getting a lot of attention on Twitter. YOU can learn a lot from following the twitter handle (#) and how people are using the handle to communicate with others.

Every Wednesday, fundraisers can participate in a twitter #fundchat. This is something YOU can do on your lunch break. There is a new topic every week and a series of questions are asked around the topic. YOU can just read what others fundraisers are posting but why not join the conversation and offer your input.  YOU can find #fundchat here.

Newsletters & Blogs. There are so many newsletters and blogs around fundraising out there it can be overwhelming Why not start by picking a few of your favourite ones and subscribe? Here are a few of mine: Gail Perry, Event 360, Beth’s Blog, Good WorksAll of these are written by experienced fundraisers and they offer great tips on how YOU can make the most of your next event or campaign.

Webinars. Keep an eye out for free webinars. They are a great way to learn more about a topic YOU are interested in or an area that your organization has no experience in. Often, your favourite fundraisers will occasionally offer free webinars.

YOU need to follow fundraisergrrl`s tumblr. If YOU want to have a good laugh or you`re having a stressful day, take a minute to enjoy some of the best fundraising scenarios that I`m sure YOU can relate  to. Here`s an example. YOU can sign up to follow fundraisergrrl here

Make a goal for yourself to incorporate these  into your work week. The best part of all is that they are all free resources YOU can use. What do YOU do to learn more? Leave a comment and let us know.


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