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You, and the Millennial Connection

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It is Forget Me Not Week, an Alzheimer Society fundraiser, and students across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are ramping up their fundraising campaigns. The competition is fierce. Who will win this year?? The Acadia Axemen remain undefeated. But this year we have the Saint Mary’s University football team as well as the St. Francis Xavier football team nipping at their heels. Will Acadia remain undefeated? To make the competition even fiercer, New Brunswick has joined in the fundraiser and both University of New Brunswick campuses will be competing. Not to mention all the dedicated students at the Community Colleges across Nova Scotia who are determined to raise awareness and money for something they truly believe in.

Students from universities and colleges across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are becoming part of the change. They will be participating in the second annual Forget Me Not Week in support of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia from January 27- 31.

When asked about how the campaign has developed, Beth Jackson says, “It is so exciting to see so much enthusiasm from the millennial generation. There are so many students who care and are eager to help raise money to support people in this province living with dementia.”

Forget Me Not week is an attempt to get millennials engaged in our cause. They are always described as a very apathetic and self-involved generation. I don’t believe it. I have witnessed many students passionate about this fundraising opportunity. I have talked to them about why they want to be involved and most of them reply that they are concerned for their future. They are concerned about their parents and many are currently watching their grandparents deal with dementia. These students work hard to support us, and in my experience they are very driven about the things that concern them.

Currently, 17,000 Nova Scotians have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. This is expected to increase to over 28,000 by 2038. This number is staggering and the millennials see themselves reflected in these statistics. They are becoming aware of what the year 2038 will look like for them.

The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia would like to thank all those students who are stepping up, becoming leaders in their schools, and helping to create a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on Forget Me Not week or the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, visit us online at, or call 1-800-611-6345.


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