Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

YOU, and Hitting the Target

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm


A few years ago I would have never envisioned myself working in Public Relations for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. YOU see, I was leaning towards psychology, but after sometime studying in a small university-town, I decided to make the change and dove head first into PR.

Why did I make this change YOU might ask? To be honest it was because I didn’t want to counsel people; I could barely manage my own life at this point… Don’t get me wrong, I found psychology fascinating but I thought choosing it as a career might not fit my personality. However, YOU never know what the future holds, and ironically enough I am now working for a brain-based organization. Starting a new co-op term can be a bit scary and exciting, but this place is a very rewarding and unique place to work. Just one day into my work-term and I am doing something I have never done before; writing a blog.

Writing a blog isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially considering I am coming off a university semester filled with essays and reading academic papers. So please excuse me if this post comes off as a bit more formal than the typical free-writing and wide-opened blog. A blog gives a person freedom to express themselves and find their writing voice. As I enter this new career path I am learning a lot about finding my own voice.

One important key to becoming an effective PR professional is targeting the right audience. After just one day at the society, I can see how important knowing your audience will be. Knowing your audience will be crucial in producing messages that tailor to the Alzheimer’s demographic. So here I am, trying to transform my voice from school-mode where I produced essays with thesis statements, introductions, supporting evidence and conclusions. And trying to navigate my way around creating an original blog that will allow me to create effective messages that will hit the target of PR professionals, writers and the ones that are still searching for that bulls-eye of their writing voice.

For me the process of finding my voice but yet still hitting that target audience will be a process, but with the help of great mentors and PR professionals in my corner I know I will get there. The first piece of advice I got to help me get started on my first blog was to be honest with who I am and what I have to bring to the table and to stop thinking like a student and start thinking like a professional.

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