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YOU, and Your Year-End Fundraising Plan

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Can YOU believe it? Another year is almost over. For many, the end of the year means celebrations with family and friends, a time to reflect on the past year and an opportunity to give to your favourite charities.

If you’re a fundraiser, I hope YOU are seeing results coming in from your year-end campaign. But how did YOU prepare for this year’s campaign? What did YOU do to make sure it’s your best yet?

I followed advice from fundraising rockstars Tom Ahern and Gail Perry who really know how to make a year-end appeal letter stand out from the pile.

Is there anything else YOU can be doing to make your year-end campaign successful? It’s not too late to make this year your most successful yet!

Here are a few things YOU can do between now and January 1 that will help bring in more donations.

Follow up. So, YOU wrote an awesome appeal letter and it went out in November. YOU are starting to see results come in, but there are donors YOU should’ve heard from by now. Stop what YOU’re doing and come up with a follow-up action plan now. YOU can plan to reach your donors through emails, phone calls, social media and personal visits.  Remember, our donors are busy, especially this time of year. Chances are, they need that follow-up from YOU.

Prompt Thank YOU. YOU can’t put off your thank YOU. A prompt thank YOU shows donors that YOU care about them and their gift and it’s a good way to start building that donor relationship. We have a rule in the office that within 48 hours of a gift coming in, a tax receipt and thank YOU is sent to the donor. Please don’t wait until the New Year to thank your donors! If YOU got a gift from a friend today would YOU wait until the New Year to thank them? I doubt it.

Reach Out on December 30 & 31. Many donors will wait until the last day of the year to give their year-end donation. YOU can set up timed emails to send to your donors on these days. (who haven’t given to your charity already). Be sure to create a sense of urgency and include a message like last chance to help families this year and get your 2013 tax receipt.

Make it easy for your donors to give. Your office might be closed during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean your donors won’t be trying to reach YOU. How can YOU make it easy for your donors? YOU need to update your website and include content that is consistent with key messages and images used in your campaign. Test all of your web links because a broken link is enough to turn a donor away and YOU lose out on a gift. Update your organization’s voice mail so if a donor calls to give a donation over the phone they have other options available, like going online.

Put yourself in your donors shoes and YOU will see things in another light. Get creative and really try to connect with your donors over the next couple weeks. It just might help YOU exceed your fundraising goal!

For more tips on year-end fundraising, check out one of Gail Perry’s latest posts.

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