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YOU, the excited #GivingTuesday fundraiser

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I had to write YOU in the title to maintain the brand we are building on this blog, but really the title could be “ME, the excited #GivingTuesday fundraiser!” We at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia are planning to raise $10,000 in one day – December 3.

YOU’ve seen the ads for “Black Friday sales” and “Cyber Monday online sales” both are days this week and next that focus on your holiday shopping. Originally these were big commerce days just in the United States following their Thanksgiving. Stores in Canada have jumped on board too.

With so many days highly advertised and talked about around shopping, why not have a day for Giving?

Enter Giving Tuesday. On December 3, 2013, Canadian charities will have their first “Giving Tuesday.” And the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is proud to not only be on board, but to be introducing our supporters to new ways to give.

Matched donation
All individual donations received on December 3 through the Society website, will be matched up to $5,000 by Deloitte in Atlantic Canada. Thank YOU to Deloitte for coming on board as the matching donor. This means that a donor’s $25 donation will turn into $50. That’s twice the impact!

Mobile Giving
For the first time ever, we are launching a mobile giving campaign. Donations can be texted to the Society on a donors cell phone. The donation ($10) is then added to the donors cell phone bill at the end of the month.

The $10,000 raised that day will help to continue the free public education sessions that individuals and families living the dementia journey, are able to attend across the province.

So how are we raising awareness of this day and funds?

-We have enlisted the help of supporters outside of the organization to be Social Media Ambassadors (S.M.A.). Each day, the S.M.A’s receive an email with a picture, logo or video, and a statement, which they then upload to their own personal accounts.

-We also have all the ASNS social media profiles (events/personas) as S.M.A’s.

-Members of a local sports team (and millennial’s at that!) have created a video about text messaging!

– On our website we have created a “Remind me about Giving Tuesday” form. Supporters who hear about Giving Tuesday in advance of December 3, can sign up to receive a reminder on the big day!

How are YOU planning on raising awareness about Giving Tuesday? Are YOU interested in being a S.M.A for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia? Leave us a comment (and don’t forget to sign up to be reminded about Giving Tuesday!)

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