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YOU, and the Great Philanthropy Ambush

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2013 at 3:15 pm

On Friday, November 15th I had the privilege to participate in National Philanthropy Day®.  It was one of the most amazing work experiences I have ever been part of.  The ability to celebrate the people that selflessly contribute time, energy and resources to our organization was a gift.  National Philanthropy Day® gave us the excuse to thank people in a way that goes beyond thank you cards and letters.  It was an opportunity to really make people feel special and appreciated.

We organized our office staff into teams of two or three, and divided up a list of people that we wanted to acknowledge. Armed with homemade cookies, letters, stickers and signs, we hit the road.  It was an incredible feeling to know that we were going to surprise these unsuspecting people.  We had spent days preparing for the event and all the effort was well worth it as we saw the faces of those we visited.  They were shocked and overwhelmed that we would put so much effort into thanking them.  Their humility was truly humbling.

Each team visited at least 5 people.  When we reached their homes or offices we explained why we were there, presented them with cookies and talked them into taking a picture while holding a sign that proclaimed that they were a philanthropist.  We then tweeted and facebooked the pictures so that everyone would know that these people were special to us.

In the world of fund development, there are a lot of studies, blogs and books that discuss the importance of thanking donors, supporters and volunteers.  As a Society we are mindful of this importance and we do our best to thank people as timely and frequently as possible.  But National Philanthropy Day® isn’t just about thanking people; it is about celebrating them as contributors to your organization and the community they choose to serve.  The hardest part about the day, is narrowing down the list of people YOU want to celebrate, into something manageable.  The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is blessed with the problem of having a plethora of philanthropists to choose from.

To see how and who we celebrated on National Philanthropy Day® check out our facebook album here.  This album is full of pictures of people we want the world to recognize as giving, generous individuals that help us achieve our goals, increase the success of our events and fundraisers and improve the quality of our programs and services.

Thank YOU, philanthropists, for allowing us to interrupt your day.  Thank YOU for your support.  Thank YOU for caring about our cause.

  1. Great blog, Linda

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