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YOU, Celebrating National Philanthropy Day®

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

Have YOU seen any creative pictures posted to Instagram lately with the letters NPD? How about people on Twitter using #NPDlove? Are YOU wondering what it all means?

People are sharing their excitement for National Philanthropy Day®! This day of recognition and celebrations is coming up on Friday, November 15 and the staff at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia can’t wait!

National Philanthropy Day® is a special day to recognize those philanthropists who are making a difference in our communities. Philanthropy comes in many forms. It can mean staffing an event, becoming a monthly donor or donating a prize to a major fundraising event.

This year, over 100 communities and 50,000 people around the world will participate in National Philanthropy Day®. Many organizations host dinners and events to honour their philanthropists but there are other ways YOU can celebrate within your own organization.

On Friday, the staff at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia will be celebrating our philanthropists in a very special way. Follow us on Twitter @alzheimerNS as we celebrate and tweet pictures throughout the day. Stay tuned for a special blog post next week that will profile National Philanthropy Day®.

Whether you’re a philanthropist, or you have the pleasure of working with philanthropists, I hope YOU get to experience National Philanthropy Day® and YOU realize the importance of giving.

For more information on National Philanthropy Day®, YOU can visit the Association of Fundraising Professionals website here.

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