Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

YOU, the fundraiser helping educate others

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Today, for the second day, the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s office – is closed. No staff are in their office, no emails are being sent. No, the staff has left the Halifax peninsula and taken a short trip across the Harbour to Dartmouth, to attend our 24th annual provincial conference. 

Each year, the Society is able to put on a two day conference for health care “Partners in Care,” because of our sponsors and donors who believe that Knowledge is Power. About 200 long term care facility employees, University professors, doctors, nurses and our support group volunteers, are hearing presentations on how best to support and care for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Supporting those who work and volunteer in dementia settings, is an important reason that we fundraise. Over the course of two days, conversations never stop, collaborations are born, new ideas are shared and best practices are noted to take back to work.

It’s exciting. It’s hopeful. It’s one of the reasons YOU do what YOU do each day: bettering the lives of others. YOU may have to take the extra time to show the impact a conference can make to donors. But again, take a page from this conference: Knowledge is Power. 

Or better yet, show supporters. Each one of the Fund Development staff invited supporters to be their guest at different conference sessions. YOU talk a lot to donors, give them a chance to listen from people in the field, who they are generously supporting.


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