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YOU, giving us something to write about and celebrate!

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100 posts

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I’m so excited! I feel like I’m an actress on a popular sitcom and we’re celebrating our 100th episode. But today, we’re not celebrating a TV episode, we’re celebrating our blog YOU, the fundraiser and our 100th post!

When the blog started, we weren’t really sure how well it would be received and where it would take us. I think I speak for all of us in the Fund Development department when I say the blog has become an important part of what we do. Every Tuesday, we have committed to each other and to YOU that there will be a new blog post by 3 p.m. (Sometimes it’s posted before and sometimes a little after 3, the important thing is we manage to get it done)

We had some goals in mind when we started the blog.

We wanted to:

  • Thank YOU, the fundraisers for your support
  • Develop another way to communicate and reach out to our community
  • Talk about current Fund Development best practices
  • Practice our creative writing skills

The blog has become something I’m proud of and I think it helps people learn more about who YOU, our donors are, and what we do at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. Whenever we have orientation with a new staff member,  we tell them about the blog and how important it is to show YOU, our donors and fundraisers our appreciation.

To help celebrate our 100th blog post today, I want to take YOU back to some of the staff’s favourite topics.

Michele Charlton, the Manager of Communications and Media Relations at the Society who shares our posts on social media every week chose YOU and your Volunteer Commitment  and the Marketing versus PR  post as two that stand out in her mind.

Dawn chose this post that was shared a couple of weeks ago YOU, the fundraiser with a cute support team behind YOU.

My favourite are the posts that highlight YOU, the donors who hold fundraisers for us like this one,  YOU did it!

Thank YOU for continuing to support us and for reading and sharing our blog posts.

As we look forward to the next 100 posts, I’d like to know how we can improve the blog. Do YOU have any topics you’d like us to write about? Maybe you’re interested in being our first guest blogger! Please leave a comment and tell us more.

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