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YOU, the fundraiser with a cute support team behind YOU

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Nick, Nick, Kenny & Devin the boys of Fund Development

Nick, Nick, Kenny & Devin the boys of Fund Development

A big part of fundraising is surrounding yourself with wonderful supporters; from volunteers to donors, Board members to co-workers, working together in a respectful, collaborative environment can mean the world of difference to YOU and your job.

But what about when one of those volunteers is your significant other? Are they treated differently?

Today, I would like to tell you about four men who didn’t realize when they started dating their significant others, that fundraising would play such a big role in their lives.

From selling ducks, to dressing like a duck; packing and unpacking events to folding annual mailings in front of the TV at home, these men are truly special volunteers.

Nick (known around the office as “New Nick” because his fiance just joined our department), Nick (now called “Old Nick”), Devin and Kenny make up the better half’s of the Coordinators of Community Giving Dawn and Beth, Director of Fund Development Sarah (me) and Director of Finance Carla.

Since the moment that we were all hired, they have been Society volunteers. And while yes, YOU could say in some cases they have been “Voluntold” I notice each time I see them at events, they are enjoying themselves, they are enjoying connecting with the people we serve and they always give advice on what they think they could do differently next time.

Which considering that they are the volunteers (who unfortunately) get snapped at, directed in hundred different ways and are supposed to be able to read our minds – it is pretty impressive that they come back each year.

“People see the support they give at Society events, but they may not know about the support we get at home,” says Beth. “They make sure during the stressful event times that we have supper and are kept calm.”

Both Dawn and Carla echo Beth’s statement with the fact that they feel they receive “Un-conditional support, without question,” when it comes to volunteering for the Society and our Fundraising initiatives.

And we are lucky to have them, as they give a lot of hours, but also in specialized ways. “Kenny is always our go to A/V volunteer, my Nick builds us event infrastructure as a carpenter,” says Beth. “New Nick” spent the summer in parades and won us an award when he danced throughout one dressed like a duck and Devin has really taken on ownership as a Duck seller and Walk A-Team recruiter at his work.

So if YOU are just entering fundraising, prepare those close around YOU. If YOU are as lucky as us, YOU won’t have a problem.

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