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YOU, the creative Impact Reporter

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The staff says "Thank YOU"

The staff says “Thank YOU”

Donor love can come in all shapes and sizes. Here at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia we’ve shown our donors the love via post it notes, Vine videos and even homemade baked cookies.

This week, I produced yet another donor love item and I am super excited to share it with YOU, in the hopes it inspires YOU to be a fundraiser that shares the donor love (my inspiration as been hash tagged and reported on by @johnlepp).

Three years ago we received our first, five-year, Major Gift in a few (many) years. This was gift was for Programs and Services as we launched new programs for individuals with early stage dementia.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this gift, this donor, changed the life of many Nova Scotians and the course our organization was on.

So how do you thank any donor, let alone one whose original gift has spun off to make a difference in areas that they don’t even know they helped?!?!

Each year we give the donor a letter, thanking them and updating them. This year they won’t hear from us, they will hear from the people they helped. In fact, they will have something so that family and friends can also see the difference they made!

This year their Impact Report is a Coffee Table book. Pictures and stories, some statistics and quotes fill the pages! I am so excited to give this to the donor….I keep checking my order status every hour to see if it is ready for pick up!

So, what was the process we took – that YOU can take – when it comes to being the creative Impact Reporter? Here’s how we did it:

Template leads to outline leads to the "meat" of the project!

Template leads to outline leads to the “meat” of the project!

1. We created a template with step by step instructions for the coordinator working on the report. The template has a check list and recommendations for what kind of impact report should be created. The template helps the creator do everything from creating an outline, to entering the final information into our donor database.

The final version is much, much more professional - I promise YOU!

The final version is much, much more professional – I promise YOU!

2. Knowing that I was going to be creating a coffee table book, I sketched it out by hand. This helped keep me on track and helped give others a sense of what I was working on. It was a handy place to write notes as well, as the editing tool online I was using for the book, did not.

3. I started interviewing. From my outline I knew who I wanted to speak to and about what. Participants in our Programs were so wonderful – eager! – to thank the donor for helping make a program they attended, possible.

4. After researching the various online tools YOU can use, we did settle on the Costco Print Centre to make the book. I have used them plenty of times for vacation photos, so I knew that it was a timely and cost saving measure. YOU can order your book online from many different websites or stores.

Our Executive Director did let the “cat out of the bag” the last time he met with the donor, so this won’t be a surprise. But guess what? The donor is excited to receive this book! Yea!

What creative ways do YOU show your donors impact?


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