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YOU, and the Tools to Help YOU Grow

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If YOU are like me, YOU are always reading, researching and looking for all the latest fundraising tips and tricks that will help YOU in your job.  In this post I want to share a few of the tips I have accumulated over the past few months on how to best use online tools.

If YOU know (because YOU have already done your research) that your donors and supporters are active online, here are some ideas to optimize that online engagement potential.

1. Wikipedia – If your organization does not have a Wikipedia page, YOU might want to look into it.  It is the 8th highest trafficked sight on the internet, therefore making it a great opportunity for YOU to increase your visibility.  But YOU have to be vigilant in monitoring your page as it is a consumer-edited encyclopedia, which means anyone could change information on your page.

2. Google Alerts/Social Mention – These are great tools to use when YOU want to see who is talking about YOU and what they are saying.  Find out what form of social media YOU are more popular on and then build your communication plans accordingly.

3. YouTube – Start your own YouTube channel and begin filling it with videos.  Include videos from your events, your promotional videos, videos of thanks to sponsors and donors.  It is also a great place for YOU to showcase what your office does.  Interview your coworkers about what they do, show them in action with clients, and show donors where their money is going.

4. Twitter – A few organizations have found success through celebrity endorsement on twitter.  Sometimes it is difficult to stand out in the twitterverse and attract followers.  If YOU can find a celebrity (even local) that shares a passion for your cause and is willing to retweet your tweets, YOU will see growth.  Every time celebrity, Ryan Seacrest, mentions the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, they receive an average of 600 new followers.

5. Facebook – I am certain that YOU all have facebook pages that YOU are diligently tending. And even though we live in a world where 1.11 billion people are active on facebook, there are times when we see very little activity on our pages.  I have been having trouble with this myself lately, and have been doing a little digging into ways to improve the engagement I have with my followers and attracting new followers.  My last major event took place on May 5 and since then there has been a slow decline in the “reach” of my event facebook page.  We have tried to bump up the interest by having a contest, but we only received two submissions.  We have tried to drum up interest by photoshopping some, current celebs into our event photos in a humorous way, but only received a few “likes”.  In my research it suggests engaging followers by asking them questions.  Do not just fill your page with info, but rather get them thinking about next year’s event by asking questions and making them feel involved in the process.  The research assures me this will elicit more response.  I will let YOU know how it works for me as I put this into practice over the next few weeks.

If  YOU have any tips or ideas on how to engage your online community through social media, please share.






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