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YOU, Making Safety the #1 Priority at Your Events

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Risk Assessment

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Doing a risk assessment for your event may not be the best part of event planning but it’s definitely very important. As an event coordinator, it’s your responsibility to ensure YOU have made safety a top priority for the public, staff and volunteers involved in your event. One way to do this is through a risk assessment.

A risk assessment is a careful examination of what, at your event, could cause harm to people.  The  situations range from medical emergencies and personal injuries to cancellation of your event due to an area closure.  By doing a risk assessment in advance, YOU can determine whether YOU have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent the likelihood that someone could get hurt or become ill at your event.

Just recently, our Fund Development department dedicated a work day to start completing risk assessments for all of our events.

To start our risk assessments, we followed these five steps:

1. Spot the hazards

2. Decide if someone could be harmed and how

3. Work out the risks

4. Record your findings

5. Review and revise

After much conversation and taking notes for every step, we identified two important documents that we needed to develop; an emergency response plan and an incident report. The emergency response plan is a document that explains the procedures to follow should a situation arise. The incident report is a document that needs to be filled out by the event coordinator if an incident occurs.

It’s important that YOU share these documents with staff and volunteers who will be helping to run your event. Always have hard copies of your emergency response plan and incident report on site in a well-marked location so people know where to find them if needed.

There’s nothing more important than the safety of the participants, spectators, volunteers and staff at your event. Protect them and protect your brand by taking the time to complete a risk assessment for all of your events. It will help keep YOUR event stress down, YOU will feel more prepared and most importantly YOU could save a life.

If YOU are planning to do your own risk assessment or update your existing emergency response plan, here’s a website that could be helpful. Leave a comment to tell us how YOU plan ahead to keep your event participants safe. We’d love to hear from you.


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