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YOU, the always learning fundraiser

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2013 at 1:46 pm
*Not the real NPBookClub participants or books

*Not the real NPBookClub participants or books

This past Sunday I participated in a book club. It was unlike any other book club I have been involved in. We didn’t drink wine; we didn’t meet in person and the books it we read aren’t designed with “questions for your book club” at the end.

This book club is a few women (so far) who are not-for-profit professionals who want to learn more in the fields of fundraising, marketing and communications. Thanks to technology our Book Club came together over three different time zones, on a Google Hangout.

That night we talked briefly about the book, but found the book we chose about living a philanthropic life, wasn’t written for non-profit professionals. We definitely weren’t the target audience. We already live and breathe that lifestyle.

Soon the conversation turned to jobs and careers and fundraising superstars we admire. We started sharing links and recommending other books to help each other out. It was a great social learning environment.

This is just one example of a way YOU can be a constantly learning fundraiser – social activity with other fundraisers. Here are a few more that I do:

  • E-newsletters straight to my inbox from leading fundraisers like Tom Ahern, Gail Perry and Pamela Grow.
  • #Fundchat a Twitter chat that takes place each Wednesday on Twitter. Using that hashtag for an hour long Q & A discussion has led to me building relationships with strangers. I have been able to send them quick questions on Twitter and through email, to help me through some tough/new situations.
  • A meet up! Yes, IN person! While we don’t have any planned here in Halifax, I know that one is happening in Toronto (organized by Maeve Strathy, @fundraisermaeve for more information) for July 15. Why not put out the call to other fundraisers in your area to have a social meeting?

There are several more ways that YOU can be a constant learner. How do YOU keep learning in our very busy industry? What would YOU add to the list to help new fundraisers?

I for one also recommend attending a conference like the AFP Toronto Congress held each winter. Over three days and two nights (fundraisers don’t just turn off when the endnote speaker leaves the stage) I have learned between workshops, case studies and meeting fellow fundraisers, more than any one book, e-newsletter or meeting could teach me.

In the meantime, YOU can find me on #fundchat and sitting here in the corner reading my next book club pick.

(Many thanks to @fundraiserbeth and @Amysept for welcoming me into their #NPBookClub!)


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