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You, And the Season of Promotion

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For some, summer is about lazy days by the pool.  For us, it is our season of promotion.  This is the time when we participate in festivals, parades and events all over HRM in order to promote our upcoming fundraising event; the Alzheimer Duck Derby.  September 21at Bishop’s Landing on the Halifax Waterfront will be our seventh Derby and it is still vital for us to promote, promote, promote!

 Yesterday was Canada’s 146th birthday.  And as Canadians everywhere were showing their patriotism by taking to the streets festooned in maple leafs and mini, paper flags, we celebrated with them by jumping into Alzheimer Duck Derby grand prize car, wiggling into our mascot costume and getting in line at the annual International Tattoo Canada Day parade in Halifax.  Haligonians were well represented at local birthday festivities even as the rain drizzled around them.  An excellent (and free) opportunity for us to be seen, advertise the free Kid Zone, allow people to see the car they could win, and get information into the hands of thousands of people.

 At an average promotional event similar to the Canada Day parade, we hand out between 1000 and 2000 brochures, pamphlets and tattoos.  “These events create excitement, buzz and anticipation for our event”, says Event Coordinator Beth Jackson. “We get to engage the public on many levels during these opportunities: we have teams of volunteers working with us, new people who are curious, and people who have been adopting ducks for years and want to keep supporting the Alzheimer Society.  We are able to raise awareness of the Alzheimer Duck Derby and the Alzheimer Society.”

 Participating in promotional events can work for many reasons.  It is vital to keep your event forefront in the minds of your public, “oh ya, the Alzheimer Duck Derby is approaching, I better get online and adopt a duck.”  YOU are also creating and maintaining buzz and excitement as the event approaches.  When people recognize your mascot and know exactly what it represents, it is a great feeling.  It is difficult to keep an annual event successful when the day after the event, YOU stop talking about it, only to resume a month or so before the next one.

 Promotional events such as the Canada parade, keep us in the public eye and we look forward to everything the summer has in store.  YOU will be seeing Hali (our mascot) at many parades and events this summer, so don’t forget to stop and say hi, and of course, adopt a duck!

 For more information on how YOU can adopt a duck and support Nova Scotians living with dementia call 422-7961 or 1-800-611-6345 (outside HRM) or go online at



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