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YOU, making a difference, by the calendar

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There are days in a fundraising department, that seem like they are the longest of the year; the day YOU write budgets; the day before your event; the day YOU come under budget and the day YOU have a distraught donor.

Technically, in 2013, there is one longest day and it is this Friday, June 21.

Have anything special planned? Why not approach this special day in the calendar with your third party supporters?

Three organizations that are doing just that this year, is the Canadian physical education NGO, Participation. As their goal is to get Canadians moving, they are calling for Friday to be your “Longest Day of Play.” The organization is engaging parents by asking them to remember when they “played until the street lights came on.” Their website offers you ideas on how to play and engages the audience by asking them to log their play time and to share what they did to win a prize.

Another organization, the Alzheimer’s Association in the States has communicated the longest day of the year as a day to commemorate those living with Alzheimer’s disease and to raise money for the organization. They tie the disease into the fundraiser succinctly: For people facing Alzheimer’s disease, this challenge is every day. For you, it’s just one.

The Association asks third party fundraisers to host activities that encourage team participation, from sun up to sun down. The teams raise pledges and the variety of activities they can do are endless. As a business participating not only does this engage your employees in philanthropy, but also in team building.

From hiking, to bowling, knitting to rocking, there are many activities that you as a team can do for 12 hours.

One such thing if you are in Halifax, not only raises funds, but also challenges you brain! This Friday, The Bridge Studio at the Mumford Road Professional Centre will be hosting a Longest Day event for the Alzheimer Society. From 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, every hour and a half a new game of bridge will start. You can join them for $5 a game! To learn more call 446-3910.

What do all these examples have in common? Simple. Easy. Engaging.

How many days on a calendar will YOU overlook this year?

*Fundraising Tip of the week: there are many downloadable calendars online with all the holidays on them. Get a jump start today on next years special days!


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