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YOU, Taking the Leap into the Unknown

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Photo I took from our planning day.

“Don’t tell me the ways YOU can’t do something, tell me all the ways that YOU can.” -Lloyd Brown, Executive Director, Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

This is a famous piece of advice, or a “Lloyd-Brownism” (Fund Development likes to call it) that we hear time and time again . He’s always looking at the bigger picture and what possibilities and opportunities there are to get ahead and encourages staff to do the same.

As a fundraiser, YOU know there is stress involved with your work. There are goals to reach, deadlines to meet and YOU have to keep expenses low just to name a few. Often, we try to take it month by month, week by week or day by day and focus on the tasks that need to get done.

But what about planning for the future? What will your biggest event look like five years from now? How can YOU grow it and change it? These are difficult questions to answer when you’re so focused on reaching the goals that are in front of YOU today.

Last week the Fund Development team had a planning day outside of the office. It gave us a chance to face those difficult questions head on. We tackled our events and campaigns one by one and came up with strategies to increase revenue and brand recognition for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

I can honestly say I was pulled out of my comfort zone. I thought, what am I committing to? How can I promise I will bring x number more sponsors in if I’m not sure? But by having an open mind and supporting each other, the team came up with some very smart goals for the next five years. We still didn’t finish our planning session so we are continuing tomorrow with  open minds and a world of possibilities.

The need for education, services, programs and research is growing and our organization is growing too. It’s our job to continue to meet the needs of our donors and the families we serve.

How does your team plan for the future? Do YOU have a staff retreat once a year? Leave a comment to let us know.

Also, summer is almost here and family BBQ’s and work events are just around the corner. Contact us if  you’re interested in having a fundraiser this summer. We’d love to hear from YOU!

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