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YOU, the Coordinator Days Before the Big Event

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YOU know that feeling. Your biggest event is just days away and YOU start to get anxious, excited and wonder where the past three months went.

YOU have a case of the pre-event jitters.  During this time, YOU may experience sugar cravings,  mood swings, difficulty sleeping and staff around know YOU could burst into laughter or tears at any moment.

One of the Society’s biggest fundraisers, the annual Walk for Memories is coming up this Sunday, May 5. It’s a very busy week in the office and staff are working very hard to have everything ready for this weekend.

Today’s post is all about managing the pre-event jitters. Let’s talk about how YOU, the event planner can prepare yourself for that final week and some important tips YOU can use.

Ask for help. No matter how much YOU plan ahead, there are always a lot of last-minute details to take care of. Help relieve some of the stress by meeting with your team and delegating tasks. By sharing the responsibilities, YOU can get more accomplished and be sure everything gets done.

Get your participants excited. This should be an exciting time for your event participants. One idea to keep your donors and participants engaged is by sharing thank YOU videos on social media. YOU should also be connecting with them through emails to encourage them to reach their fundraising goals.

Say a prayer to Mother Nature. Everyone wants a beautiful, sunny day for their event but remember YOU can’t control the weather. Instead, say a little prayer to mother nature and just be sure YOU are prepared if it rains. The show must go on rain or shine!

Use your lists! If you’re a planner, chances are YOU like your lists. Use checklists to make sure YOU don’t forget any important details because it can happen very easily. I know one coordinator who forgot to book portable toilets for her big fundraiser that took place outside! Luckily, there were public washrooms nearby for participants to use.

Hold a volunteer orientation night. At the Alzheimer Society, we have a volunteer orientation night before all of our big events. It’s a way to keep your volunteers engaged, go over their roles and gives YOU a chance to tell them more about your cause. Preparing volunteers before the event will save a lot of time day of.

Be ready to handle any emergency. Do YOU have an emergency response plan? Who is responsible if someone gets hurt at your event? YOU need to have a plan and go over it with your team. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep important documents handy. YOU should always take copies of permits with you to your event. That way, if any questions come up YOU and your volunteers can show YOU have permission to use the event space. Also, don’t forget extra copies of emcee notes and your event timeline.

Stay rested. It’s hard to fall asleep when YOU have a million details in your mind but if YOU don’t get enough sleep, how can YOU do your best? Be sure to make time to exercise, go for a walk and do something relaxing with your friends or family.

Relax and breathe. YOU should have a group of people like staff, your planning committee, volunteers, and your donors behind YOU. Remember, they are there to support YOU and your cause and everything usually finds a way of working out. So, take a moment to enjoy yourself during the event YOU worked so hard on.

If YOU have a big event coming up, I hope it’s a success! Are YOU an event planner? What ideas do YOU have to manage the pre-event jitters?    


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