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YOU, celebrating the fundraiser’s “Real” New Year

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2013 at 2:26 pm

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Well, it’s April 2. How are all the fundraisers feeling? Still a little tired from the March 31 deadline scramble? Were you one of the lucky ones who had April 1 (Easter Monday) off to reflect on the past year and to start looking forward to the new year?

Ah yes, it is the beginning of April, which YOU know as a fundraiser, means it’s a new (fiscal) year! Do you have your Resolutions ready?

For me, I am making workplace resolutions this New Year to:

– Re-engage donors from our past. I wrote about my plans in January to make 2013 The Year of Re-engagement.

– Create a monthly giving program. Every week on Twitter I try to take part in the weekly #FundChat discussion was about Monthly Giving programs. The best advice I got from top fundraising professionals like YOU? Just start one. So I will this year. Read the transcript from this chat here.

– Hold one-on-one meetings every six weeks with staff from the department, focused solely on them.  Dawn wrote about it before, fundraising staff are not happy with their environment. As the Director of the Fund Development department, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is heard. I want to help the staff reach not only their budgeted goals this year, but also their professional ones.

These are just three of the Resolutions I intend for this new year. What about YOU fundraisers? What are your plans? Did YOU make any new (fiscal) year resolutions?

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