Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

YOU, Inspiring Employees

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 Carolyn Warrington (left) and Julianne Croft (right) present the money they raised to Joan Parks-Hubley of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.                                       

Creating a culture of Philanthropy at your workplace is a beautiful thing. The employees at HGS- a large call centre in Liverpool understand this and have made fundraising an important part of their work environment.

“We try to do fundraisers that are timely,” says Carolyn Warrington, a Recruiter for HGS who helps lead most fundraising initiatives.  “Since January is Alzheimer Awareness Month, we decided to show our support by raising awareness and funds for families living with this disease.”

Carolyn didn’t realize how many people have a connection to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias until she started emailing the staff to come up with fundraising ideas.

The planning team got creative in the office by selling Keurig coffee cups, and having fun with baking and hosting a bake sale (Mud Pie Mondays were a huge hit!) They also  had an employee donate some stuffed animals which were sold to raise more money.

Besides the fundraising aspect, Carolyn made sure that employees were also  educated about the disease and aware of the ways  to keep their brain healthy.

“We have employees that range from age 19 to 60, and I think it’s important for all of them to become aware of Alzheimer’s disease and how they can keep their brain active,” Carolyn says. “We provided brain teasers and word games to maintain brain health as suggested on the Society’s website. There are a lot of employees whose family members skate and play hockey at our new rink and it was a natural fit to remind them that protecting their head is important.”

“I want to show our other centres across Canada how we fundraise and maybe inspire them to do the same. People need to realize that fundraising is an easy thing to do at work and you never know the impact you’ll have on others until you try.”

Thank YOU to Carolyn and her enthusiastic team for being such a great example for others. YOU have helped raise awareness of the disease and the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia for people of all ages in your community.


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