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YOU, Making Fundraising Easy

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“Thank you! You made the process so easy for us.” Hearing these words from someone who just finished holding a fundraiser in support of your cause is a great compliment. How do YOU react when you get a call from someone interested in holding a fundraiser? Do YOU provide a positive experience? Today’s blog post focuses on how YOU respond to those interactions with future fundraisers. 

In previous blog posts, we talk a lot about showing our appreciation after the event is over and the funds are passed in- but what about the initial conversation? The first time YOU talk with someone whether it is in person, online or over the phone is so important in developing a positive relationship and setting the stage for that positive experience.

It can happen anywhere or at anytime. At an outing with friends, phone call on a Friday afternoon, or a post on Facebook. There are many worthwhile charities out there and passionate people who want to make a difference any way they can. Make sure when that passionate person approaches YOU, you’re ready and willing to talk about their ideas and how to take them to the next step. Although it’s not your job to organize the third party events, it is your job to listen, provide feedback and guidance and most importantly make it easy for them.

Some fundraising organizers will need more guidance than others. Be conscience that not every fundraising idea will fit with your mission, values or be feasible. It’s your job to decide if partnering with an organization fits best with your brand and how to respond to this.

If YOU work in Fund Development, then YOU know it’s your job to inspire, support and show appreciation from the very beginning. Empower your fundraisers so they feel valued and excited to reach their goals. 

The best advice I have is to make it as easy as possible for the fundraiser. Follow up. Provide support. Give thanks. Remember that good experiences and happy fundraisers  can lead to greater opportunities. 

Thank you to all of our fundraisers from 2012! Are we making it easy for YOU? Comment below we’d love to hear from YOU.


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