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YOU, Realizing the Importance of the Post Event Wrap Up

In Uncategorized on February 5, 2013 at 12:54 pm

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For many of us, January means new beginnings, resolutions and taking the time to plan for the year ahead. For the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia staff, it is our busiest month of the year.  January is Alzheimer Awareness Month and the staff from all departments were extremely busy all month long.

In the Fund Development department, we had three events and two campaigns this past month so now is a great time to remind YOU about the importance of post event wrap up.

So, the  event is complete, everything ran smoothly and YOU have received good feedback so far.  Is that it? Give yourself a tap on the back but  remember your work is definitely not done.

Post event evaluation is just as important as planning. How can YOU plan for next year if YOU don’t take the time to evaluate the results from this year?

Here’s a list of important things YOU should be doing when you finish any event:

Saying thanks: Have YOU thanked the appropriate people yet? How many times have YOU thanked them?

YOU should be thanking your sponsors, speakers, guests who attended, planning committee, staff and volunteers. They need to be thanked and YOU should be thanking them in different ways.

Keeping track of the little things: There’s always room to improve. If throughout the event process, YOU said to yourself, I know I can do this part better or we need more volunteers for next year, YOU should have kept track of these things along the way.

These are the things that YOU can work on right away since they’re fresh in your mind.

Evaluate: After every event and campaign is finished, YOU need to evaluate. Think not just in terms of your budget. YOU should be thinking about the marketing strategies YOU used, the venue, the successes and challenges YOU encountered and what recommendations YOU have for next year.

There are many ways to evaluate:

  • Ask your guests to complete a short online survey
  • Get your department or the whole staff together to discuss the event
  • Set up an evaluation with your planning committee

Remember, it’s your responsibility to take the time to reflect after your event is over. Trust me, YOU will be thanking yourself for doing this months from now.

Thank YOU for reading our blog! For more information about how to maximize opportunities during the post event phase, check out Event 360’s blog post here

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