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YOU, Making Fundraising Beautiful

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Representing our third party Philanthropists, Tom has created calendars of his artwork, with some of the proceeds donated to the Society

Tom Rideout is pictured here has created calendars of his artwork, with some of the proceeds donated to the Society

Remember Tom? He was one of our philanthropists we surprised on National Philanthropy Day back in November. Well today, we’re doing a post all about him to thank him for his unique way of fundraising for the Alzheimer Society.

If YOU take a stroll down to the Spring Garden Place between Tuesday and Friday, there’s a kiosk that YOU should visit. At the kiosk, Tom will be there to greet YOU with a friendly smile.  If he’s not enough to draw YOU in, his art certainly will.

Tom has been painting for sixteen years.  His love for painting was once a hobby but now he enjoys selling his work and has incorporated fundraising into his art as well.

Just recently, Tom started donating some of the proceeds he earns from his calendars to the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. He has been a supporter of the Alzheimer Society,  donating to events like the Alzheimer Duck Derby and Walk for Memories but he also wanted to do something on his own.

Tom’s family has a connection to Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s a cause that is near to his heart.

When asked what he likes best about selling his paintings, Tom said he enjoys being able to talk to different people.

“It’s interesting to meet new people and see the regulars too,” says Tom.

I think it’s safe to say Tom has made quite a few friends while selling his art.

Thank YOU Tom for using your talent and passion for painting to raise awareness of this disease and provide help for many families living with Alzheimer’s disease.

If YOU have an idea for a fundraiser, we want to hear from YOU. Please give us a call at 1-800-611-6345 or email

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