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YOU, ending off again-on again relationships

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30thanniversarylogo_stackedlogoYOU’ve danced.  YOU’ve dated on and off. They have been your date to special events.

And then nothing. YOU didn’t speak to them. They didn’t speak to YOU. YOU’ve thought about them, sure, but whose court is the ball in?

Let me give YOU a hint fundraiser: IT’S IN YOUR COURT. (Subtle, right?).

With the start of a new year, usually comes personal resolutions. For us, we pick an area to really focus on; a lens to which we look through in our yearly Fund Development plan (the previous years are listed below). For us, 2013 is already a special year: it is the 30th Anniversary of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia. We thought about how the Society has gotten to where it is today; We have been able to educate, inform and help Nova Scotians for three decades because of the support of volunteers, staff and donors. What better time to focus on ending the on-again, off-again relationship with past volunteers, staff and donors?

That’s right: we are metaphorically putting a ring on it!  We are making 2013 the “Year of Re-engagement.”

Figuring that out, was the easy part. Now it’s time to re-earn the trust of past supporters. To not ask them to jump straight back into a relationship, but to give us a chance to re-introduce ourselves and ask them to dance. They may be in a committed relationship with another charity; they may not want to date any Philanthropy again. As a fundraiser, YOU will need to strike the right balance and that is only done with a well thought out plan, over a period of time, with systems in place to make sure that supporter feels engaged with your organization.

What would YOU do to Re-engage past supporters?
2011 – “Year of the Donor”

2012 – Last year our Fund Development department proclaimed it the “Year of Celebrating Philanthropy.” We spent the year working with all the departments at the Society. We:

  • Asked them to tell us what their role in Philanthropy is and gave them cookies!
  • We met each month with a different department to discuss Philanthropy and invited them to our monthly meetings.
  • We asked and they were more than happy to be a part of our National Philanthropy Day activities.
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