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YOU, Raising Funds and Getting into the Holiday Spirit

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Marge's Tree

A beautifully decorated tree on display for the Decorating Tour

A Christmas tree shining bright, warm apple cider and stockings hung on the chimney with care.  I can’t help but get a warm feeling picturing this scene. If YOU live at the Royalton Condominiums on Larry Uteck Boulevard, these are just some of the holiday things YOU would of experienced at the  Royalton Christmas Decorating Tour on Sunday, December 9.

The decorating tour started in 2011 when the chair of the social committee at the building wanted to do something different for a fundraiser. The committee decided a decorating tour with some of the units in the building would be a great way to get everyone together while helping out the community. There were six participating units in the building this year, each one decorated for the holidays.

“It was amazing to see the different decorating ideas,” says Sheri Kaulback, one of the organizers of the event this year. “Some homes had traditional decorations while others had a more modern look.”

Along with visiting neighbours and enjoying h’orderves and festive drinks,  those participating also raised money for a charity. This year, we’re grateful they chose the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

“My husband’s Aunt Faye passed away with Alzheimer’s disease, so I have a very special connection to the cause,” says Sheri. “I wanted to do something for the Alzheimer Society because it’s a cause that’s near to my heart and I don’t think there’s enough awareness about the disease.”

“Aunt Faye is my inspiration,” Sheri told her neighbours.  “She was a quilter who loved to sew and she made my husband and I two beautiful stockings that I had on display during the tour.”

To help increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Sheri placed Alzheimer Society brochures in each decorated unit.  Everyone left with information to learn more about the disease and what the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia does.

Thank YOU to Sheri and everyone at the Royal Condominiums who participated in the decorating tour. YOU really got us into the spirit of the holidays.

Do YOU know of any unique fundraising events that take place over the holidays? Leave a comment and tell us about it. We’d love to hear from YOU.


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