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YOU, Reaching Donors this Holiday Season

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Can YOU believe that it’s December already? Whether YOU’re ready or not, the holidays are coming up quickly. Many of us are out shopping for that perfect gift, planning parties with friends and family and most importantly looking to make our year-end donation.

If YOU work for a charity, YOU should have your year-end appeal crafted, sent out and YOU should be seeing donations coming through the door. We talked about crafting your year-end appeal in our previous post YOU, Making the Year-End Ask Count which can be found here.

In today’s post, let’s focus on following up with your donors. So, YOU sent a letter and donation form out to everyone who donated to your charity during the holidays last year. What do YOU do now?

YOU definitely can’t expect to get great results with only one ask. There has to be some follow-up. If you try some of these approaches this year, YOU will be on your way to a more successful campaign.

Here are a few ways YOU can follow-up with your donors this year-end:

Email is the easiest and quickest way to get your message out to a large number of donors. What’s the best part of email? It’s free! Integrate emails into your follow-up plan and remember to keep the theme and messaging consistent with the letters that YOU sent out. The best days to send emails to your donors for that last-minute tax receipt are December 30 and 31.

YOU can pick up the phone. If you have phone numbers for your supporters, YOU might want to make some friendly reminder calls. This can prompt donations and gives your donor a chance to talk with someone over the phone so YOU can tell them more about where their donations go.

Don’t forget about social media. Use your organization’s Facebook and twitter account to promote your campaign. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a customized cover photo and always include a link directly to your donation page.

Update your website. It’s so important to have your donation information front and center to make it easy for donors to find. Make sure your directions are clear on your donation form and it’s not too long. Remember, don’t make your donor work for their donation!

Gail Perry provides some great tips on how to successfully reach your online donors this year in her blog post here.

Thank YOU to all of our donors for supporting the many families living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias in your community. If YOU would like to make a donation, please click here

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