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YOU, the Spreader of Philanthropy

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Kara and the Robotics Team

Often as a fundraiser, YOU are told about the “silos” that exist in organizations. The “We” versus “Them” that can occur when you have a team comprised of various departments, yet all seem to be on a different page. Here at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia we have dedicated this year to “Celebrating Philanthropy,” and thus have been and continue to be, on a campaign to break down those silos.

YOU can imagine how happy the Fund Development staff was when in the span of two weeks, an education session turned into a third party event.

Recently, our Coordinator of Education and Support Services, Kara, received a phone call from an after-school teacher. She had a robotics science team who wanted to learn more about issues seniors face, for their project, Seniors Solutions. They wanted to come up with an innovative way using technology, to help seniors. And they came to the Society to do their research.

During their education session with Kara, even though the Robotics Team were in grades five to eight, Kara shared with them how we raise funds to cover the things that we do. So what, YOU may say? So great I say! Here is a perfect example of how the two departments have worked together to ingrain in each other, that our work goes hand in hand. It was through conversations and meetings, that we learn our “Silo’s” are on the same farm, so we are in it together. If Kara will explain funding to these young children, I know she will promote our fund development to everyone she speaks with.

The Robotics Team left the Society with education about dementia and now a passion to help us out. Within two weeks they held a fundraising dinner, raising $1,000!  The team showed their robot, moving it from stations designed to represent the interventions we should be doing for better brain health.  Kara was pleased to not only see the project the kids had made, but to attend a fund development event to thank our supporters.

“Programs and Services, communications, fund development and administration staff, must recognize the importance and value of having a supportive organizational culture,” says Kara.

We couldn’t agree more Kara!

Thanks Kara for supporting families across Nova Scotia, and our department. And a big thank you to the Maritime Sikh Society and their “Team Tornadoes” Robotics team identifying the needs of their community, both in services and fundraising.

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