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YOU, the Racer Fundraiser

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Leslie MacPhee

A little over a year ago, Leslie MacPhee’s family received news that she wasn’t shocked to hear: her dad had dementia. “When I first found out I wasn’t surprised. He was repeating the same stories and showing other signs that now I see clearer,” says Leslie. “I am saddened that he has to live with this, it’s hard to watch the strongest man I know go through something like this,” Leslie continues. “Luckily he still has his sense of humor and great personality.”

With the diagnosis in her family and a past career in fundraising, Leslie decided to combine her love of travelling and running, registering for two races with a fundraising component, in support of the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

“In November 2012 I will be running the Wine and Dine, it’s a half marathon at Disney World in Florida,” explains Leslie. “The fundraising has been met for Disney. Right now I am trying to raise the funds to do the El Camino de Santiago trail/pilgrimage in Spain. I think it is also known as the way of St. James, ironic as my dad’s name is James,” laughs Leslie.

Leslie has been working hard to raise funds before even stepping on a race route. Her goal is $2,000 and she has already reached the half way point. Besides hosting silent auctions, dinners and special events, Leslie has been the first fundraiser to use the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia’s new online fundraising system.

The new Alzheimer Society online fundraising system allows YOU, the fundraiser to set up a personal page with pictures, stories and a fundraising goal. From the system YOU can send out personal emails and e-cards. Donors are immediately emailed a tax receipt when they donate towards your goal.

Leslie has found the online system a helpful tool in her fundraising. “This is an excellent way for people to go online on a secure site and make a donation. I have had people from across Canada and as far away as Africa make an on-line donation!”

If YOU have thought about registering for a race – anywhere in the world – Leslie has some suggestions. “Picking a charity that you have a personal connection to is the best way to fundraise. Become familiar with the charity and share your story. It helps in your fundraising efforts if you can relate. Also people want to know where their dollar is going. People will support you more if it’s a charity.”

And if YOU wanted to help Leslie as she fundraises for the El Camino de Santiago, she will be hosting a “Girls Night In” fundraiser on Tuesday October 23rd from six to nine at China Town Restaurant. There will be an auction, door prizes, 50/50 draws, delicious appetizers, a chance to win to have your fortune told, and a jewelry representative will be selling and donating a portion of the proceeds to Leslie’s fundraising goal.

If YOU want to be a racer fundraiser, contact us today. We can support YOU with the online system, education materials and some promotion.

From all of us at the Society thank YOU Leslie for running in honour of your dad and support of the Society. Good luck!


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