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YOU, the Foodie Fundraiser

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm

Just one of the many delicious desserts at Between the Bushes. Photo courtesy of

What is one of the best things YOU can do to make your fundraiser a success? Have delicious food! It is a sure-fire way of bringing people out in droves.

Between the Bushes restaurant in the Annapolis Valley has certainly mastered that key to fundraising success. Just a short drive from Wolfville, this restaurant is known for its fantastic food and using products from local farms. This year marked the seventh year that the restaurant has held its Blossom of Hope brunch fundraiser. The annual event has become so popular that the restaurant sells tickets in advance for the three seatings.

Between the Bushes divides the proceeds from the brunches equally to donate to the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. These two charities were chosen because of their connection and importance to members of the staff.

This year’s delectable menu included french toast with their special blueberry sauce, ham, sausage, bacon, frittata, curried vegetable salad, fruit and vegetable trays, and the restaurant’s special blueberry crisp for dessert. I don’t know about YOU, but my mouth waters just reading that list!

On behalf of everyone here at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, we extend our sincerest thanks to everyone at Between the Bushes for their continued support. If YOU would like to learn more about this wonderful restaurant, please visit their website at

Are YOU thinking of having some delicious dishes for your next fundraiser? How about making some tasty treats for an Alzheimer Coffee Break? This simple do-it-yourself fundraiser is a great way to bring together family, friends or coworkers. We have everything YOU need to get your Coffee Break started, including:

  • Posters and banners
  • Coffee
  • Coasters
  • Donation boxes
  • Resources (educational brochures)

If YOU would like more information about Alzheimer Coffee Break, please call Sarah Lyon at 422-7961 or visit the website at

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