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Do YOU need to manage the generation after millennials?

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Lately, here – and around the web, there seems to be much focus on generational giving, and in particular, it has been all about the” millennials.” It has been THE buzz word of 2011/12 fund development managers: “How do we engage them?” “Where do we find them!?” “Do YOU have a millennial Generation Strategy?” Says one fundraiser to the other over a networking breakfast. And while yes, it is important (please see the posts we have done here, all written by actual millennials *GASP! Hand Clap!*), what is being done for the generation after the millennials? Are they too young to know what their morals/ethics/ideals are? Are YOU not being proactive by reaching out to them to help them identify their ideals? (Remember, it takes a Village to raise a donor……).

Last week we at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia had the pleasure of meeting Maddie, a young donor. Maddie and her family came into our office with a cheque for $500 – all of which Maddie had raised. When I introduced myself and said thank you, 11 year old Maddie looked at me and said, “What will you do with this money?” My smile couldn’t have been bigger and I didn’t need a generational strategy/research paper to recognize that this was a significant moment in my own fundraising career: donors no matter their age, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds or gender, give because they want to make a difference. We don’t need studies to tell us that, we need to just speak heart-to-heart with our community. (And yes, I knew all that, but being in that moment, is awe inspiring).

I could re-write what Maddie did to raise the money, but she sent us a write up and I think it stands up well on it’s own:

I am 11 years old, I baked cookies mostly chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies and the rest of them were just what people asked for!!!  I also got to try some of the cookies with my sister because I needed to make sure they were yummy! I also enjoyed counting and collecting the money knowing it was going towards the support of the Alzheimer’s Society.  I learned how to use a spread sheet to keep track of purchases and sales. I enjoyed talking to people about Alzheimer’s. I sold cookies to my family, my grandparents, neighbors, and friends. and my Mom and Step dad paid for the ingredients for the cookies and also cleaned up my mess.  I made close to 300 cookies and was very busy!  My neighbors and family and friends encouraged me and would call the house and tell me how amazing my cookies were. I even designed a business card called :For a Goodie Cause” instead of a good cause, as I was selling cookies!  My birthday was in March but I decided to wait for three months and have it at the end of June at the cottage so I could have 20 kids. That way I could ask for donations instead of gifts. I received over 300 dollars that day and knew I had finally reached my goal of 500. It was a lot of fun.

Thank YOU Maddie for your inspiration and dedication. I hope YOU enjoyed fundraising and I hope we demonstrate the difference YOU help make in the lives of other families who live with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


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