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YOU the Millennial Philanthropist

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2012 at 5:45 pm

What do YOU think about the millennial generation’s involvement with philanthropy? Do YOU think they are generally apathetic or are they enthusiastic and compassionate?

A recent study shows that the millennial generation may not be able to afford to donate much, but they are very involved in philanthropy. The Millennial Impact Report 2012 provides valuable insight into how millennials (age 20-35) get involved with non-profit groups.

The in-depth report, conducted in the United States, surveyed more than 6,500 participants. The study found that 63% of those surveyed volunteered for a non-profit in 2011 and 41% wanted to volunteer more this year.

What is particularly important for non-profits to recognize is that they need to have different options for volunteers in terms of commitment. The study found that 58% of participants preferred short term volunteering. That doesn’t mean that this group has commitment phobia though. 46% of participants want to be involved in ongoing projects.

On Canada Day, Alzheimer Society staff members and community volunteers were in the Halifax parade to get the word out about our upcoming Alzheimer Duck Derby. Among our volunteers and many other groups, there were a lot of people in the millennial generation.

Two of our volunteers for the parade, Angela and Lauren, are millennials and students at MSVU. Both said that they enjoyed volunteering for the parade and they felt it was their way of helping the Alzheimer Society. Students understand that finances are tight, but volunteering their time is a great way to contribute.

Angela and Lauren heard about the volunteer opportunity through my personal social media. In the Millennial Impact Report, statistics showed that 81% of millennials prefer to learn about volunteer opportunities through their peers. It is important for non-profits to keep this in mind. Reaching out to potential volunteers should be done as an organization and as individuals.

Are YOU a millennial looking to volunteer for a non-profit? If YOU would like to volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, please visit our website for more information.

Would YOU like to have more young people involved with your organization? The Millennial Impact Report 2012 is full of great information about how to reach out to millennials. To read the full report, please click here.

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