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YOU the Caring Coworker

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Nova Scotians never cease to amaze with their incredible generosity. YOU work incredibly hard as individuals, groups and communities to help worthy causes.

Through various fundraisers, I have always enjoyed seeing small businesses and offices getting together for fundraising initiatives. It’s a great way to have fun and build camaraderie with your coworkers. Do YOU want to get your office involved in fundraising for charity? Is your office already involved in fundraising, but YOU are looking for fun and fresh ideas?

If YOU are just starting to initiate your office with fundraisers, YOU might want to start with some tried-and-true ideas. These will be easy to get off the ground with little to no cost. Some ideas to get you started are 50-50 raffles, barbeques, bake sales, casual days and office pools.

Are YOU looking for something more creative to catch your coworkers’ attention? Check out these fun ideas.

  1. Giving Tree: A wonderful holiday fundraiser, this encourages your coworkers to consider the meaning behind the season. Decorate a Christmas tree with paper ornaments, on the back of which each has a suggested donation. For example, if you were doing a toy drive, options could be for a boy age 6 or a girl age 11. If your office has limited space, create a two-dimensional tree with Bristol board. Want to keep that giving spirit all year long? Get creative and switch up the charity. YOU could create heart decorations for Valentine’s Day or flip-flop cut-outs for the summer months. The possibilities are endless. Just try to make sure that the suggested donation on each ornament ranges in value so that everyone in the office can participate.
  1. Photo Contest: This fundraiser brings out the artist in each of your coworkers. Encourage everyone in your office to go through their photos to find one that they think is the best match for the topic (such as funny photos, pet pictures, etc.). Establish a submission date and then put the photos up in your office. By each photo, place a jar, can or envelope for change. Establish the value of a vote (such as five cents is equal to one vote). At the end of the voting period, count up the change and announce the winner. YOU can choose to award a little prize or just bragging rights. YOU keep this fundraiser going all year long with a different photo theme for each month. Do YOU want to raise even more money? Raffle off the photos at the end of the contest.
  1. Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Obviously this one requires permission from management and requires more planning, but it can be really fun and can raise a lot of money. When you consider the prices of doggie daycares, employees would gladly donate $10 or $15 to bring their pooches to work with them. The important thing to remember with this fundraiser is to establish rules beforehand. The last thing you need is Fluffy destroying your workplace. However, if everyone cooperates, it can be a fun and productive day.
  1. Board Game Tournament: This fundraiser can be done as a staff get-together or a fun way to spend your lunch breaks. Have coworkers sign up to participate in the tournament and divide them into teams (or if your office is smaller, just play as individuals). Each month can feature a different board game and each team sends a representative to play the game. To raise money for your charity of choice, charge a small entry fee to play the game. The winning team gets bragging rights for the month and earns points towards the year’s total. At the end of the year, tally up the points from each team and award them with a trophy (also known as some sort of comical knick-knack from the dollar store). That team gets to keep the trophy for a year and have to earn it to keep it. A board game tournament is fun way to bring out the competitive spirit in your coworkers while raising money for a good cause.
  1. White Elephant Raffle: An earth-friendly fundraiser, the white elephant raffle is an opportunity for your coworkers to recycle items they no longer want to keep. Ask your coworkers to bring in items from home that they would like to part with (but not junk – we want people to donate money). Disguise the donated items by putting smaller items in paper bags or larger items under boxes and set rules that people cannot peak or shake the bags/boxes. Staff members can buy tickets and put their name in for a draw for one of the surprise items. When the raffle period is over, draw the names and enjoy the reactions when your coworkers discover what they have won.

These are just some ideas to get YOU started. For more details/variations on these and other ideas, please visit

Do YOU have some creative ideas for fundraisers? What have YOU found to be successful for raising money at your office? Please leave a comment below.

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