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YOU the “in Honour of” fundraiser

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Early in the new year, Andrea signed up for our annual Walk for Memories event. She knew that she would ask for pledges from family members and friends to support her and her team. She also knew, that because she was walking in honour of her recently diagnosed mother, she would be a participant who “jumps in with both feet” and become a fundraiser.

Last Friday Andrea held her first fundraising event to support her A-Team’s goal for the walk, “Zumba for Alzheimer’s.” In a church gym with five volunteer – and very enthusiastic – Zumba instructors, Andrea’s passion for a disease newly affecting her family shone through (as you can tell by the above video).

Honouring a loved one by fundraising/holding a fundraiser in their name, is a great way to share your passion with them. If they can be, involve them. If you can, speak about how the disease has affected your life. Your donors support you and want to share your joy and success’. As always, make sure you do get permission from the person you are holding the fundraiser “in honour of.”

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