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YOU the Storyteller

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What makes YOU want to donate? How do YOU pick a charity to fundraise for?

In a recent survey conducted by Good Works (a well respected fundraising consulting agency) out of 700 Canadian donors surveyed, 95% of respondents said “it just feels good to give to worthy causes.”

Are YOU one of  those donors? Maybe you choose a charity because YOU believe in the cause and want to do some good. Or, maybe YOU read a story of how that charity’s work has positively impacted someone’s life and it inspired YOU to give.

A good fundraiser knows that the best way to connect with donors is through storytelling. According to Fraser Green, Principal and Chief Strategist at Good Works,  every story a charity tells should touch donor’s souls.

Fraser and the staff at Good Works believe in telling powerful emotional stories and know the best way to connect with people’s emotions is by telling stories.  Good Works research shows that 78% of donors say their gifts are an extension of their spiritual beliefs.

Does your charity connect with YOU?

It should! Emotion can bring out the best in people including YOU.

We can all learn from Good Works philosophy. If we really want to form deep human relationships- whether with donors, family or friends we need to connect on a deeper level.

If you’re involved in fundraising for a charity and are looking for more donors, tell your story! Tell them who YOU are and why you’re fundraising because this makes YOU real. People connect with people, not statistics.  A story will help YOU to reach your fundraising goals.

To learn more about Good Works and the work they do, please visit

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  2. Thiss is a topic that is cose to my heart… Cheers!
    Where are your contact details though?

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