Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

YOU the Active Fundraiser

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Group shot of most of the organizers, the Zumba instructor and participants after a great workout.

Have YOU ever attended a Zumba class? If YOU did, then YOU know what a great workout it is and how much fun YOU can have while participating. If YOU haven’t, YOU need to go!

On Saturday, March 24, the Dalhousie Alzheimer’s Education Society held Zumba for Alzheimer’s at the Studley Gym on the Dalhousie campus. Great music, shimmy shakes and a very talented instructor made for a fun and energetic morning open to anyone who wanted to get some exercise, have some fun and support the Society.

“There are a lot of us on the committee who have personally been affected by Alzheimer’s disease in our family,” says Kyle Warkentin, a Dalhousie student who helped to organize the event. “We wanted to hold an event in support of the Alzheimer Society and Zumba is the perfect way to promote the importance of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Not only does Zumba help YOU to be physically active it’s also a great way for YOU to stay socially active. These are both important things YOU can do to help YOU keep your brain healthy.

Sad that you missed out on this event? YOU might have another chance to attend! Plans are already underway to hold another Zumba for Alzheimer’s event in September and the committee hopes to have more participants.

Thank YOU to the Dalhousie Alzheimer’s Education Society for stepping up to raise important funds and helping to spread our message that keeping physically and socially active can help YOU reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

We’re looking for more fundraisers! If you are passionate about our cause and would like to get involved, please contact us today at 902. 422.7961.

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