Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

We Love to Show YOU our Thanks

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm

YOU, the fundraiser often participate in events held by the Society. Whether YOU are out pledging for the Walk for Memories or YOU adopt racer ducks for the Alzheimer Duck Derby, YOU are helping make a difference. It is because of the tremendous support YOU give to the Society that we want to be able to reward YOU.

That is where company donations are able to help. We are lucky to have support from companies such as Steele Hyundai and WestJet to provide us with grand prizes to help us show YOU the thanks YOU deserve.

Every September thousands of rubber ducks race in the Halifax harbour in front of Bishop’s Landing in support of families in Nova Scotia living with dementia. It is thanks to YOU that these ducks get adopted in the first place and thanks to our grand prize sponsor, Steele Hyundai we are able to give away a brand new car. The new wheels can be yours if the racer duck YOU adopt is the first to make it across the finish line.

WestJet has been a prize sponsor for the Walk for Memories for several years. It has provided the Walk for Memories with a grand prize of a round trip for two anywhere WestJet flies. With every 250 dollars pledged, YOU, the Pledge SuperStar get a ballot entered for a chance to win this dream prize. The Society, with the help of donations from organizations such as WestJet, can show our appreciation to families like Janet Tam’s, the 2011 grand prize winner at the Walk for Memories. We were able to give Janet and her family the chance to relax in the sun as a thank YOU for their dedication to the Society and the Walk for Memories.

Janet’s family has had an A-Team in the Walk for Memories for many years. While they once walked in support of her mother, Shirley the team now walks in her memory. It was Janet’s tremendous success as a Pledge SuperStar that allowed her to win the WestJet tickets and take her family on a sun-filled trip to Mexico. Janet believes that her Mom has had a little something to do with her success.

It is thanks to the companies like WestJet and Steele Hyundai that we are able to reward YOU, the dedicated supporter, the duck adopter, the Pledge SuperStar.

We are always looking for more ways to show YOU we appreciate everything YOU do to help the Society further support the community. If YOU have a gift that YOU would like to donate as a prize, no matter the value, we would love to have another way to show our thanks.

So thank YOU to those who sponsor and support our events. Thank YOU for helping us express our gratitude to all the superstars who help advance the quality of life given to those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

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