Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

YOU the Heart of Our Fundraising Team

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2012 at 6:26 pm

So YOU don’t work in our office. I never run into YOU at the water cooler, or staff room. I can’t come to YOU for help with a printer jam, or to fix a computer problem. YOU don’t have to look through my vacation photos or listen to stories about my weekend. But YOU dear donor, are the heart of my team.

YOU see, each year we make plans for the fundraising department. And like the brain is the boss to your body, that plan is our boss. Your plan, or the brain, guides us where we should walk, how we should talk, when we stop to take a breath and when we run. But it is our heart – YOU – which helps keep it all going.

Maybe YOU want to help, but YOU are not sure why or how. We hear YOU. We offer suggestions to guide YOU:

It’s February and the biggest day of the month is the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Do you know about Vascular dementia? This is a disease that damages blood vessels in the cardio vascular system that then damages brain tissue and causes dementia.

If YOU or your organization is holding a Valentine’s Day event/dance, why not ask for donations at the door to fight Vascular dementia?

By helping to raise money for the Society, YOU help fund research. By promoting the Society as your charity of choice, YOU are helping raise awareness, YOU are helping to educate Nova Scotians that what’s good for the heart, is good for the brain.

The brain helps guide the heart, reminding it that it should beat. The same can be said for our relationship dear donor and fundraiser:  we are here to guide and help YOU. Call upon us to answer any questions YOU have. Bounce your fundraising ideas off of us. Ask about our cause and how we support your neighbours across our province.

YOU are the heart of our fundraising plan. Together, we keep families in Nova Scotia going, living day after day with support, information and education about dementia.


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