Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

How YOU support caregivers

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One of the first questions YOU will be asked when YOU tell people YOU are hosting an event, is inevitably “Where does the money raised, go?”. It’s a question all donors, event participants and hosts should ask; and an answer all non-profit organizations should be able to tell YOU.

And since YOU are reading this on our site, let me share where the money YOU fundraise for the Society, goes.

When YOU take on the role of being a fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, YOU are contributing much needed funds
towards Programs and Services that many, many Nova Scotian families rely on. The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia is a provincial organization that receives
no government funding. This means that we operate and contribute funds towards research, based solely on the funds raised through the generosity of Nova Scotians – like YOU.

So where does the funds YOU raised go? Well really, not very far!

All the money that is raised in the province stays in the province. And you don’t have to go far to witness the effect your raised funds
will have on caregivers in Nova Scotia.

Because of YOU, families, support workers and caregivers, from Yarmouth, to Cheticamp can:

–     Attend monthly support groups

–     Reserve current books on dementia at any regional library

–     Call our toll-free InfoLine to speak to a trained representative about care strategies, referrals, help

–     Listen to an education session to learn about better brain health

Thank YOU for researching the ways you can help caregivers, families and the Alzheimer Society in Nova Scotia.

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