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YOU the Fundraiser the Planner

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Deciding to plan, host, or entertain even, the idea of holding a fundraiser for your favourite non-profit, is a big step. It is a wonderful, heart-warming gesture, but it is also, a big step.

Who do you call? Where do you start? Do you have to ask permission? How do you advertise? What should you do?

Non-profit’s really do appreciate when people who believe in our cause, raise their hand to step up to fight for the cause. But there is a process, one that will protect both YOU the fundraiser and the organization. Working with the non-profit from the start will help you every step along the way, hopefully making the process fun, educational and fulfilling.

Step 1: Decide on the cause. What organization do YOU want to work with?
Step 2: What is it YOU want to do? Car Wash, Auction, Sport tournament. What do YOU have a passion for that YOU would want to turn into a fundraiser? Take a moment to write down your ideas.
Step 3: Call the Fund Development* department of your Charity of Choice. *Each non-profit may call this department a different name: Revenue Generation, Fundraising, Community Relations, Charitable Giving.

From here the route will vary depending on the non-profit and their policies and procedures. In my office I always send YOU the fundraiser an agreement detailing the process and ways we can work together to help YOU succeed. I also send a one page tip sheet on event planning that may help YOU organize all those ideas YOU wrote down before YOU called.

Deciding to plan a fundraiser is a big step – and a rewarding one. YOU can be a fundraiser!


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